Partner 8: TWI (TWI Ltd, UK)

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Organisation Description: TWI is a contract research and development organization which has a great deal of experience in delivering European funded R&D projects and is currently involved in the management of approximately 40 EU projects, many of which are in its Advanced Materials and Process Technology Group. This team has been responsible for the generation of significant benefits to EU companies via the introduction of new materials (e.g. lead free solders in FP6 project LEADOUT), and new devices (e.g. endoscopic equipment in the FP6 project DUET, and FP7 Porpardet – asbestos detector). Some 40 specialist technologists and engineers work in the Advanced Materials and Process Group (AMP). AMP contains a laboratory complex for developing materials, joining, manufacturing and testing technology for a wide range of industry sectors, giving TWI a unique skill and experience base to assist organisations to develop products and processes to meet market needs.

Within the department is clean-room with a comprehensive array of electronics, micro-structural and sensor packaging, assembly and testing facilities with state-of-the-art micro-joining and machining equipment, for use in: electronics, photonics, sensor, medical and instrumentation industries. TWI’s expertise in electronics based industries has been developed over more than 40 years and an international reputation built on applying established technologies and innovation to achieve best practice.

TWI also has expertise in design and fabrication for prototype production which includes Computer Aided Design, Finite Element Analysis and machining workshops. TWI can simulate and fabricate parts from scratch; and carry destructive and non-destructive testing. Large scale testing laboratories conduct testing under harsh conditions for cyclic testing in salt water, hydrogen, H2S or cryogenic conditions. As well as oil and gas pipe line pressure testing.

TWI’s design services often undertakes redesign of parts to fit evolving technology or to reverse engineer parts to create new features, offering the following rapid prototype techniques SLA, SLS, FDM, DMD, DMLS and over moulding. TWI also benefits from all the traditional fabrication and machining (CNC and manual) and welding technologies.

Mr. Steven Baines is a Senior Program Manager in the Advanced Materials and Processes Department and is focused on collaborative projects aimed at producing novel devices. He has over 15 years’ experience in materials, engineering and manufacturing and is familiar with design methodologies for prototyping devices with 10 years of CAD experience. Current projects include the development of energy control devices, medical products, sensors for wind turbines, wireless devices and laser based detectors. Previously he has worked for 6 years in the wireless sector developing devices and systems for mobile phones and laptop products. Steven has also worked in the development of air handling equipment, atomic energy research, and production of elemental metals.